How does MonuMAI work?

MonuMAI offers you the opportunity to participate in a Citizen Science project. You will train our algorithm to recognize architectural styles from photographs of monuments.



Download the app to your mobile device, it's available for both iOS and Android.



Choose an architectural element of your environment and photograph it through the application.


Teach it

With your photo the application will learn to recognize architectural elements.



You'll discover the mathematical secrets hidden in the monuments.


Registered Profiles


Processed Images


Architectural Elements

Proportions in art

What is your favorite geometric proportion?

Last MonuMAI's

Arco Herradura (Musulmán)99%
Dintel Adovelado (Musulmán)99%
Renacentista Barroco
Arco Medio Punto (Renacentista/Barroco)99%
Columna Salomónica (Barroco)99%
Renacentista Barroco
Arco Medio Punto (Renacentista/Barroco)99%


The knowledge and enjoyment of historical and cultural heritage is one of the fundamental values of contemporary society. The vision of art allows us to understand our past, contemplate our cultural heritage and appreciate our aesthetic vision of the world, from the moment each work of art has been created to the way we see it with the eyes of our time.

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Artificial Intelligence

The science of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting field of research. For more than 60 years it has fascinated scientists in areas as diverse as: mathematics, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, etc. The progress made towards the goal of building intelligent machines has been enormous, and therefore we can say that the future of this field is fascinating and invites to surprise us in the more immediate future.

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Mathematics is an essential part of our scientific culture, and also of our vital culture. We relate to the world through mathematics: we count, anticipate or draw conclusions from them. In architectural monuments, mathematics finds a field of exceptional development.

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Citizen Science

Citizen Science projects clearly improve the relationship between science, society and politics and promote more democratic research. In our case, they are also a weapon for the future, as they also have an impact on the promotion of scientific vocations and the incorporation of technology into the study and enhancement of artistic heritage.

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